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If you have a leaky tap, or are planning to have a new kitchen or bathroom, please contact us. If you want a full bathroom restoration, give us a ring or write to Cotswold Bathrooms & Kitchens at the address below, or fill in the form on the right. Alternatively, find us on social media (details on this page).


Cotswold Bathrooms & Kitchens
63 Barrington Close
Witney, Oxfordshire
OX28 5FT

01993 650401
07709 310513


Monday to Friday: 10am – 9pm
Saturday : 10am – 03pm
Sunday : Close

Cotswold bathrooms & Kitchens - contact us

Please fill in the form below to contact us at Cotswold Bathrooms & Kitchens. We will normally respond within 24 hours. Give us a ring at the numbers on the left if you need a response sooner. We are located in Witney in Oxfordshire and can pop round for a friendly chat and find out your requirements.