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Showers and Sinks

Let us tear out your old dissatisfying and worn out bathroom and deliver a luxurious showering experience to you.

Our showers and sinks installation experts specialise in fitting the full range of styles and types. They can advise you on the best and most appropriate shower type for your home or commercial property, as well as sort out any practical issues, such as low water pressure or pipework problems.

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What shower system is going to work with your plumbing system at home? We know that every home could have one of the three different plumbing systems installed: combination boiler system, pressurised system or a gravity system.

At Cotswold Bathrooms & Kitchens we can advise you on the type of showers and sinks that will work best before you decide on what shower to buy.


Apart from choosing the right type of shower and system, you also need to choose your shower enclosure and accessories. We can supply from a vast array of designs and styles.

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Types of shower

Manual mixer shower -

Mixes hot and cold water supplies together manually. They are easy to fit and simple to use.

Thermostatic mixer shower +
Electric Showers +
Digital shower +